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All Seasons Nordic Walking is based in beautiful South Gloucestershire, the West Cotswolds and Bath, classes are centred on the enjoyment of exercising outdoors, at a level that is right for the individual and most importantly encourages fun and a chance to socialise. Our walks are regular and always start and end near a cafe!
We have a team of 5 qualified Nordic walking instructors and a team of experienced volunteer walk leaders who provide a variety of classes and walks across the region. To ensure you are trained, safe and have fun!

 In order to fully benefit from Nordic Walking, we believe that using the right technique can make all of the difference so if you have tried the ‘Taster Session’ please book onto one of our ‘Learn To’ courses, this is a course which will quickly develop your skills in a relaxed atmosphere and will give you the ability and confidence to effectively use Nordic Walking poles.

Once you have completed the ‘Learn To’ course then you can choose how you would like to participate in Nordic Walking.

Each walk listed on the clubs program has a full description and grading in order to help members to decide which session is right for them.

In addition to our regular classes we have additional fitness classes such as Ski Fit which prepares everyone for the slopes.

As our ‘All Seasons’ name suggests we have specialist walks and social events to celebrate calendar events and festivals throughout the year such as winter solstice, Christmas, etc.  We very much encourage a club atmosphere which ever walks you attend.

As our activities are based outdoors and are all year round please dress appropriately for the weather conditions. We are happy to advise on clothing, footwear and accessories.

Although Nordic Walking poles will be provided by the instructor free of charge for each session, many people prefer to buy their own, we have extensive knowledge and can make suggestions before you purchase.

Taster sessions are FREE and anyone is welcome to come along to have a quick snapshot of what Nordic Walking is all about, these are regularly scheduled and are found on the diary pages.

If you have any queries please contact us, we are happy to help and we look forward to seeing you.

Helen Richardson

Hello and welcome to All Seasons Nordic Walking. I came across Nordic Walking when I decided I should ‘get fitter’ for skiing – mainly so I could keep up with my children on the slopes. So I tried Nordic Walking and loved it. It was an all over body work out, out in the fresh air with a chance to chat and what’s more I did get much fitter and faster for the slopes…

Since then I have become a real enthusiast and it’s great that someone who isn’t exercising can try it out in a friendly and safe environment. Whilst for those who might already be enjoying the benefits of exercise can use the classes to build on and add variety to their existing exercise schedule.

As a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor I am keen to help clients achieve their own goals, whether fitness, weight loss or socially. So I have designed a schedule of classes for various needs.

I have always enjoyed walking and used to enter traditional hiking competitions but now I find that walking with Nordic Walking poles makes it much more of a complete exercise.

Try a FREE Taster Sessions to find out more for yourself.


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